Building your Website or Blog with WordPress Content Management System


There’s only one chance to make a first impression – make it great

With so many web design companies and templates out there it can be confusing if you’re looking to develop a new website. So with Harleigh Solutions we go through the process together.


The website is the foundation of your online presence and as such it needs to impress you and your customers. So what are the important elements of building a good website?

Looks matter – there is a lot of competition out there and your website needs to look better than your competitors. This can be a bit subjective as beauty is in the eye of the beholder but make as much effort as possible to making the site look good.Navigation – its so important that the journey through your website is as smooth an experience as possible. It should be an enjoyable journey so make it easy to go from page to page as naturally as possible and always provide easy ways to navigate back to the Home Page via menu items, links in the text or buttons.Functionality – Don’t go over the top but ensure you provide various ways to contact you (eg. form, phone number, email address, Google Map), sign up for newsletters, keep track of the basket when purchasing from your shop and anything else that maybe useful to your customers.Call To Action – Its so important to allow the user to do easily what you are trying to achieve such as contact you, get a quote, get prices, purchase the item. Provide this functionality throughout the site.Blog – Make the effort and upate your blog on a regular basis as this is the best way to increase customer engagementSEO – Search Engine Optimisation, sounds like a dark art but essentially means thinking about your keywords, looking at what your competitors are doing and making sure Google knows about you so that you rank as high as possible. In other words make it Search Engine friendly. This is something Harleigh Solutions do as part of the thinking in designing your site but if you want real results it should be an ongoing process, conducted after analysing the traffic statistics and tweaking the site in response. However I will say here that I will not promise you the world. Some companies will promise to increase your sales by 140% … you get the picture! This is not a golden bullet but serious attention to SEO will lead your visitors to go some way towards achieving your business goals and objectives.Mobile Responsive – Absolutely essential that your site works on PC, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile Phone. Apparently nearly 80% of website views now originate from tablets and mobiles. To do this involves designing the site to adapt automatically depending on device.


So why WordPress?

WordPress takes a lot of the pain out of this process, it is highly customisable, flexible and has very low setup, customization and maintenance costs.

According to W3Techs, a technology survey company, in 2018, so far, WordPress has a 60.3% marketshare of Content Management Systems.

So do any big brands use WordPress, after all it is a common misconception that because it is Open source no one will want to use it on their websites. How about…

Are you convinced? Here are a few examples…

Official Star Wars Blog

Sony Music


Mercedes Benz

Official James Bond Blog

Walt Disney

IBM Recruitment


Where will your website be hosted?

Your website will be hosted by a company that specializes in WordPress hosting. My personal recommendation is to use SiteGround which I personally use for my self and clients. They continuously come top in relevant surveys, very fast servers, WordPress optimised hardware and software and excellent technical support 24/7.


Who do I call if there is a problem with my website?

I am your first port of call should you have a problem. i will be able to determine if the hosting company has a problem or whether it is something I can fix immediately by taking appropriate action.


What happens once your site is launched?

Once launched I will provide support to ensure any bugs are ironed out and you are happy.  I  recommend you sign up from the word go with the Care package which will ensure you are looked after on an ongoing basis.