Care Plan to maintain your Website on an ongoing basis

Your Website is critical to your business

Ideally your website should generate leads, customers and revenue. It is a channel through which potential customers and suppliers can engage with you. As such it is essential that your website is up to date in terms of the technology and content.

I will monitor your website to make sure it  has the latest software and security updates. I will advise of any new technology advances which may benefit your site and keep you ahead of the pack.

As you are probably aware even sites like Twitter and Facebook get hacked. As a result any website is vulnerable to hackers and other kinds of security risk. To minimise this risk I will create and save daily backups which enables me to easily restore your site should it ever be compromised.

As part of the Care Plan I will set up and monitor Google Analytics on a monthly basis. I will provide you with an email report which will show your site traffic and identify opportunities to help you rank higher. Along with this I will conduct a level of keyword and competitor analysis to help identify search terms which will help you rank higher.

This is your opportunity to save time and increase productivity by allowing Harleigh Solutions to manage the admin side of your website for you.


Monthly Care Plan Details

Your monthly Care Plan includes the following

  • Update Core WordPress Version files – I will ensure that any updates undertaken by WordPress do not break the website.
  • Update WordPress Plugins – These are created by third party authors, adding functionality to your site. As above I will ensure any updates do not adversely effect the efficiency of your site.
  • Update WordPress Theme – Themes are updated by the authors and I will update on your site as and when necessary. I will use a Child Theme to ensure that any specific coding will not be lost and you also benefit from any enhancements or improvements offered by the Theme update.
  • Backup of Database and Site Files – Data files will be backed up daily and entire Website weekly. This gives you peace of mind that your site can be recovered easily should any disaster happen.
  • Database Optimization – such as ensuring uploaded photos are optimised
  • Security and Performance Scans – Because of its worldwide popularity , WordPress is another target for hackers so I will monitor this
  • Onsite SEO – I will use Google Analytics and other tools to monitor your web traffic and use keyword analysis to make recommendations about where best to optimise your site to improve rankings and or conversion statistics. It should be understood that it can take several months to see any benefits from SEO
  • You will receive a detailed Monthly Report by email of actions I have taken with any recommendations
  • 30 Minutes of Change Requests per month – to implement any recommendations
  • Email Support


You may be asking why the hosting company do not do some of these things.

The reason is that although excellent at what they do, the themes and plugins used in WordPress are all built and designed by multiple different authors. They are constantly being updated to comply with the latest version of WordPress or to address security issues or bugs. Unless updated when necessary your site could break or the plugins could stop functioning.


You can cancel the Care Plan at any time

Just give 30 days notice so we can carry out our last thorough update of the website, supply you with a full backup and remove our administrator credentials.