Ok lets answer your most important questions concerning WordPress Web Design in the East Sussex area…

   Why should I use Harleigh Solutions, an East Sussex based Website Developer, to build my website?

  • Because I am not just a local, Eastbourne based Website Developer. I bring 16+ years of business experience with me which helps me understand you better. Together,  we can make your Web Site not only look amazing but work to achieve your business goals.
  • Websites need to not only look good but they should be mobile responsive and work to drive leads, sales and deeper engagement with your customers.

   Why should I have a website developed using WordPress as opposed to a static HTML /CSS styled site?   

  • Firstly, as of mid 2017 over 75 million websites have been built with WordPress, the worlds best known Content Management Ssytem (CMS) … it would be rude not to!
  • That equates to approximately 33% of the entire World Wide Web!
  • Because it is a PHP database driven CMS you can maintain the content yourself, easily adding Pages or Blog posts without the constant expense of engaging a developer.
  • Changing content in a static HTML site involves learning HTML, CSS and possibly Javascript, going into the code, adding new content and appropriate markup

   Do I really need have SEO, I’m a local business not a big corporation?

  • Yes… search Engine Optimisation is a must if you want to be seen!
  • I passionately believe that you shouldn’t  just design a website and pass it on to the customer. We have all seen adverts for “I’ll build your site for £100”. Personally I wouldn’t recommend it as usually this is just a site knocked together with a template. There is of course the build it yourself variety which is fine up to a point. But this leaves you with no ultimate control over optimising the things that matter to your business. At Harleigh Solutions I build the site, taking into consideration onsite optimisation. I register it with Google Business , set up Google Analytics and conduct initial keyword research and competitor analysis.
  • The seperate SEO Care package takes this a step further, doing this analysis on a regular basis, and tweaking the site accordingly. With Harleigh Solutions you get more than a website.


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